Cyprus Holding Company

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Ariannol can offer full services associated with a Cyprus Holding Company from initial incorporation, provision of registered office, directors and secretary as well as book-keeping, submission of audited accounts and other administration requirements. Through it’s global network of professional advisors Ariannol will consider a clients specific needs with the aim of creating a robust, efficient and most importantly tailor made solution. ​ Legislation passed in 2003 to conform with EU Law to eliminate harmful tax practices, means that all Cypriot Companies are now subject to 12.5% corporation tax, the lowest in the EU. In 2004 Cyprus became a full member of the European Union and therefore all Cyprus Companies now enjoy the reputation and privileges attached to any European Company. Cyprus has approximately 50 double tax treaties and therefore the Cyprus holding company can be used for efficient international tax planning. In addition, the legislation provides (in most cases) that dividend income from abroad to Cyprus is wholly exempt from corporation tax provided the direct holding is at least one per cent (1%) of the share capital of the overseas company. There is no withholding tax on the payment of dividends, interest and royalties from Cyprus to non-residents of Cyprus. Through its various treaties and legislation Cyprus aims to promote itself as a jurisdiction with a positive tax regime rather than a tax haven.